Company Law

Company Law

SPC Legal offers you a customised incorporation service on a global scale. Whether you wish to establish a corporate presence in Europe, Panama, Costa Rica, Asia, elsewhere or simply offshore our service is rapid, cost effective and solutions driven. Our incorporation and related services include:

Offshore company formation in all jurisdictions.

Company formation in:



-South Africa


- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Vietnam
- Shangai
- Philippines
- Labuan


- Anguilla
- Bahamas
- British Virgin Island
- Bermuda
- Nevis
- St. Lucia
- The Netherlands Antilles
- Cayman Island

Central America

- Panama
- Costa Rica
- Nicaragua
- Belize
- Guatemala


- Isle of Man
- United Kingdom
- Malta
- Ireland
- Switzerland
- The Netherlands

Middle East

- Dubai
- Bahrai

North America

- Canada
- Colorado
- Delaware
- Wyoming

Pacific Ocean

- Samoa
- Cook Islands

South America

- Uruguay
- Colombia

SPC Legal has wide experience and knowledge of Company Law. We specialize in:

a. Company Acquisitions and Sales
b. Company Administration
c. Company Commercial Law
d. Company Formation
e. Company Registration
f. Offshore Company Law