About Us

Our firm is an international, Central American, full service law firm established in San José, Costa Rica in 1989. Headquartered in Costa Rica with presence in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama; exclusive affiliates in other 30 countries; membership in several exclusive and extensive professional networks in over 200 countries; and partnerships with the world’s most renowned and prestigious firms to complement our services, SPC Legal International Services LLP,Ltd. has become a breakthrough international law firm.

Over the years, SPC Legal has provided hundreds of clients with valuable, confidential services in all aspects of international business. Our dedicated staff is made up of a group of highly qualified professionals, guaranteeing you competent and cost effective results. The continued success of SPC Legal is reflected in our commitment to serve our clients as top priority and respond to their specific requirements. SPC Legal prides itself upon the service it provides. We believe in ensuring an efficient service whilst ensuring value for money.

To achieve its goals, SPC Legal is guided by the same strong moral and ethical principles that have always been an integral part of our management philosophy.